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Trust Your Taste Buds.

Choosing the highest quality alcohol is not about the price tag but about what goes into the bottle. The trick to finding a high-quality spirit is firstly to look at the quality of the ingredients. Some of the best whiskey in the world comes from Scotland and they credit their success in part with using the purest water of the Highlands.

The second thing to check is the efficiency of the distillation. The process by which impurities are removed from the drink, leaving you with a smoother, cleaner flavor. Spirits that have been distilled more or for longer, will be of a higher quality than those that haven't.

What About Wine?

More expensive wine is not necessarily of a higher quality than cheaper wine. The price of a wine is decided upon through a variety of factors besides the innate quality of the product. Therefore when tasting wines you must always trust your own taste buds and choose wines based on your palate and not the price tag.

What are the Best Cocktails?

Cocktails are a very personal choice. The best recipes will always be the ones that use the best ingredients but with so many different flavors available, it's up to you to choose your favorites. You need to ask yourself what you are looking for from your drink. For taste, go for a classic like an Old Fashioned, one of the world's favorite cocktails. For alcoholic strength try a potent Long Island Iced Tea. And if you’re looking for pure entertainment value? Then opt for something served out of a pineapple with dry ice or sparklers!